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What is Skoolix?

Skoolix is a comprehensive digital learning solution intelligently designed with keeping both learners and educators in mind to provide schools with the best tools and functions to improve the traditional educational system.

Skoolix provides school principals with a seamless school management experience as they can fully manage their school through a smart, unified platform. Skoolix helps school principals easily turn insights into actions with detailed reports and statistics. 

Skoolix also offers teachers a helping hand with their mind-numbing, daily tasks with a click, saving teachers’ time to focus on more important tasks; teaching. 

With Skoolix, teachers can unlock the true potential of e-Learning and provide students with an interactive learning experience. 

Since the education of a child involves three major components; teacher, student, and parents, Skoolix strengthens the school-home connection and increases parents’ involvement in all class activities.

Overview of Skoolix benefits

Skoolix - The All-in-one Digital Learning Solution Your School Needs...

With Skoolix, educators are now able to digitize their schoolwork in minutes. 

✔ Send messages & announcements to teachers, students, and parents 

✔ Store and share all learning material & books with students 

✔ Gather all teachers' efforts in one Question Bank throughout the years

✔ Create assignments & online quizzes and track students' performance & grades

✔ Attend live online classes

✔ Organize all important dates & events on one calendar and easily keep record of attendance & tardies

✔ Collect school fees seamlessly with an easy-to-use payment gateway


Create a far better learning experience for your students, and build a smarter school that is ready for the future. 

With Skoolix, you'll get;

  • A free demo to walk you through Skoolix
  • A free trial
  • Hassle-free onboarding 
  • A dedicated account manager to handle all your requests
  • Constant Support

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