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What is SnapComms?

SnapComms is a leading provider of internal communication software. We help organizations get employee attention via a range of vibrant tools that bypass email.

Our highly visual, multi-purpose communication tools are delivered direct to employees wherever they are and perform across the entire communication spectrum – from intrusive, full-screen emergency alerts to more passive channels for general awareness.

Fresh, engaging formats include: Desktop (and mobile) Alerts for urgent or important employee communications - Scrolling messages (tickers) delivered to the desktop with links to further information and fuller message windows - Newsletters for packaging curated content into a high quality, beautifully branded and engaging format - Interactive digital signage and messaging delivered to screensavers – Quiz and survey tools for employee gamification and feedback - Panic Button notifications for emergencies.

Overview of SnapComms benefits

SnapComms is an Everbridge Company - The only end to end critical event management and employee communication solution in the world. Designed with all workplaces in mind, our software bypasses email to inform and engage every employee. Dynamic, visual tools get 100% message readership over desktop, digital display, and mobile, whether staff are working from home or the workplace. Customizable features ensure staff see your messages at the right time, every time. Pricing starts from 100+ staff.

Solving Your Internal Communications Needs
Whether you need to communicate information fast, improve employee engagement, or increase behavioral change, the SnapComms platform guarantees to get your messages through.

High-impact, visual internal communications tools bypass email completely, delivering the results you need without adding to information-overload.

Reach every employee, wherever they are, whatever device they're on.


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