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What is SoGoSurvey Enterprise?

SoGoSurvey is an enterprise feedback management tool for the creation and management of customer and employee experiences. Providing an all-in-one data collection and analysis platform, SoGoSurvey grants users the ability to create multiple surveys, polls, quizzes, and forms with customization, distribution, and reporting tools.

SoGoCX covers the complete customer journey by meeting customers where they are throughout their experience with an organization or product. The latest UI and UX best practices have been incorporated into the SoGoCX platform to optimize ease-of-use.

SoGoSurvey stands out from competition by offering best-in-class products that lead the competition and are offered at an affordable price.

With features including an inbuilt library of templates, a common question database, branching, skip logic, drag and drop interface, and more, SoGoSurvey products (SoGoCX, SoGoEX, survey, and quiz) make survey creation as simple and personalized as possible.

Overview of SoGoSurvey Enterprise benefits

Monitor, quantify, and analyze your employees¿ experiences in real-time with SoGoEX. The platform empowers HR and organizational leadership to drive comprehensive change through employee engagement, an exchange of ideas, and secure opportunities for collecting honest feedback. SoGoEX¿s advanced features and customized solutions will address your toughest business challenges. Learn more about measuring employee sentiment ¿ schedule a demo with an employee experience expert today!

Collect customer feedback at every touchpoint. Use APIs to automate feedback collection by connecting to your CRM. Analyze text responses using NLP. Improve customer retention by closing the loop with with an integrated case management system.


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