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What is SOWISO?

SOWISO is a learning and testing platform for STEM subjects that engages students and saves teachers time. This digital tool gives students immediate and easy-to-understand feedback on their work. Educators get unlimited support from our in-house math specialists, ensuring each institution can cater to their unique teaching needs.

SOWISO is used by more than 60 leading educational institutions worldwide, supporting over 450,000 students with improved STEM learning.

If you want to read what educators who work with SOWISO say about this platform, visit our use cases.

Do you want to take a tour of the platform and explore its possibilities for you and your students? Book a 30-minute call with one of our experts at your convenience.

Overview of SOWISO benefits

Design your course

Build your dream course with our plug-and-play learning materials. Creating a custom course is as easy as dragging and dropping content. You can also design your own materials with our extensive authoring toolkit.

Learn & practice

SOWISO’s randomized exercises allow students to practice as much as they want with endless variations of the same exercise. Our personalized automated feedback will guide them step-by-step toward the right solution at any given time.

Test & grade

Easily design diagnostic, formative, and summative tests. Our testing module creates different randomized tests and automatically grades them. Our learning analytics will give you insight into students’ progress at any moment of the course.


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