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What is SOWISO?

Many subjects at universities which are not mathematics degrees – biology, engineering, chemistry, economics, even nursing – require some maths education, often in the form of required maths courses to complete a degree. This has become something of a stumbling block. Many students who want to be engineers, nurses, marine biologists, can end up failing their degrees because they fail a required introductory maths course.

SOWISO fills this gap in a clear and functional way. A digital learning platform which uses repetitive and randomised maths questions, it allows students the ability to learn through practice. Questions are open-ended, meaning there are no multiple choices. Students are required to work through their answers and receive hints according to the information they enter.

SOWISO can be used just by students, for homework or practising concepts, but it can also be used as a full curriculum for teachers to follow. Teaching staff can use a predetermined curriculum provided by SOWISO, much like a digital, interactive textbook, or can customise the programme, changing the order, adding additional sections or emphasising others.

Unlike other EdTech companies which attempt to address the broad swathe of educational opportunities, SOWISO concentrates on a very specific segment of the market. However, in this focus lies our strength.


Overview of SOWISO benefits

Nothing frustrates students more than being stuck on a problem.

We, therefore, created a learning platform based on guided discovery: open math questions allow students to try out different approaches, and actively discover new knowledge.

This is made possible by our advanced learning algorithm, which is able to analyze any potential answer to an unrivalled level of detail and provide highly personalized feedback accordingly, every step of the way. Add in unlimited randomization of questions, and anything students learn in class can be practised ad infinitum, whenever, wherever.

Power to the teachers

Our learning algorithm automatically checks and grades all assignments, allowing teachers to receive data-driven insights to identify at-risk students or topics students find problematic.

At SOWISO, content creators outnumber developers, allowing us to provide teachers with high-quality predetermined curriculums. However, we also allow teachers to customize the content on any level. SOWISO can be integrated into existing LMS systems.


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