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What is Spacetree?

Our journey into Learning Softwares stemmed from humble beginnings. From creating learning features to creating enterprise-level eLearning plugins, we have gone through a rollercoaster of a journey. We always strive towards perfection with our products. Here at Spacetree, we believe we have a responsibility to our teaching community to create products that make the world a better place for us all.

Spacetree started with a small group of people who wanted to bring about change. Ever since it’s launch in 2018, the company has grown leaps & bounds with hundreds of thousands of downloads, a huge following and representatives around the world. As we grow each day, we help our community be better every day.

Overview of Spacetree benefits

Manage everything easily
Manage payments, staff, leads, students

Teach like a pro with Advance tools
Sell your courses and live classes with advanced techniques

Get More Students, Leads & Conversions

Competitive Exams

Thousands of Practice tests, Mocks, Academic + Tech Resources in an integrated form, Unique Test Prep Tools to Improve Results Quickly, Continuous Flow of Student Leads from your Area

Simple but powerful tools to Practice Listening, Reading with instant results, and Band Calculation on the spot. Keep and improve your performance graph with instant results on the spot with Spacetree.

Most complete and robust school management system. We are the pioneer and leading school ERP in India. This is the best school automation product that facilitates all school users in a single place


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