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What is STAMP?

STAMP is a B2B Retention Automation Platform for companies with > $25M in revenue that visualizes data in real time, starting with a summary dashboard across your customer base, while enabling drill down to each and every client. STAMP also provides comparative analytics by decision maker, company, and account manager. STAMP empowers organizations to analyze whats most important to their customers, measure performance in key categories, and implement Playbooks to retain key accounts.

Real-Time Dashboards
View real-time external facing dashboards on every client account visualizing how well you are delivering on the needs of each client.


View account manager dashboards, enabling you to see how well each account manager is performing across their book of business.

Overview of STAMP benefits

STAMP produces a dashboard on every client visualizing company performance across key areas of customer need. Each dashboard has 3 parts:

Top: Overall Perspectives & Customer Sentiment
Provides high-level summary of account performance on key indicators such as Net Promoter and Ease of Doing Business. An overall “customer sentiment” score is also provided, based on STAMP’s proprietary algorithm.

Middle: Category Scorecard
Visualizes average importance and performance scores showing how your company is meeting the needs of customers and accounts in key categories, while providing alerts when client needs are not being met.

You can have as few as 3 or as many as 6 categories.

Bottom: Statement Metrics By Category
Each category is made up of a series of statements. This section shows performance versus importance for each statement, quantifies the gap, and identifies whether you are exceeding, meeting or underperforming.


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