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What is symplr Workforce?

Invested in too many disparate systems to manage your healthcare workforce?
To combat workforce shortages, increased labor costs, and other challenges, healthcare leaders are investing in technology.

What they fail to realize…

The use of disconnected systems may exacerbate workforce problems at your organization. According to the symplr Compass Survey, health system leaders are frustrated by working with too many siloed systems.

There's a better way.

Integrated, healthcare-specific workforce management technology helps reduce administrative burden and gives clinicians time back for patient care.

A collaborative and efficient workforce management approach can help your organization retain staff, contain costs, and improve patient care.

Overview of symplr Workforce benefits

symplr Workforce helps organizations streamline technology and processes through integration and tech enablers. Get mobile access to analytics and actionable data, resulting in increased financial, clinical, and compliance outcomes and improved staff engagement. With an integrated view of hours worked, pay policies, and hours scheduled, symplr Workforce can project upcoming overtime before it happens so you make proactive decisions to contain costs.

Give managers and staff robust, mobile capabilities
Our symplr Workforce app offers managers and staff an integrated mobile experience to proactively manage time, attendance, and scheduling on the go, with smart self-scheduling, the ability to trade shifts and request open shifts, timecard sign-offs, missed clocking alerts, and location mismatch notifications.

Access to real-time data to contain costs and remain compliant
Track and reduce premium pay, unplanned hours, and preventable overtime. Monitor labor and staffing compliance, compare budget to plan to actual staffing to understand real-time adjustments and variances. Identify potential staffing safety risks and ensure employee qualifications by location.

Gain clear, enterprise-wide visibility
Manage all roles, both clinical and nonclinical, across your entire organization to optimize the workforce and reap the benefits of better outcomes in staff retention, compliance, and more.


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