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What is Synapse Project Planning Software?

With Synapse Project Planning you can view the status and priority of all your projects, and the various training requests and content associated with them. Easily move each project through various stages so you always know what your team is currently working on and what the next priority is.


Synapse helps companies around the world improve the productivity of their corporate learning and development teams. Our award-winning software streamlines training intake, project and capacity planning and content design processes to make training teams more digital, agile and efficient. 

This first-of-its-kind software allows our customers to get better visibility into the training needs of their businesses and consolidate the disparate tools they are using so they can access capacity data for better decision making and author course content with unprecedented speed.  

Collaboration with subject matter experts takes place directly within the platform ensuring knowledge is effectively captured and easy to update as required.

Overview of Synapse Project Planning Software benefits

Project Management

Easily manage the people, tasks, and content related to your training projects. Collaborate seamlessly with SMEs and stakeholders. Move projects through various stages and always have a centralized view of your team’s projects.

Prioritize Your Projects

Easily identify where each of the projects is in the queue, and which one needs to be worked on next.

Match to Your Process

Whether you use ADDIE, SAM, AGILE or another learning model, the kanban board can be easily configured to follow your process.

Align Your Team

Everyone will know who is working on which project and what needs to be worked on next.

Get Complete Visibility

Get a complete picture of the entire lifecycle of your training projects. All related requests and content are centralized on dedicated cards.



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