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Streamline your applicant tracking system (ATS) with TalentHR, a fresh take on HRIS. No IT skills required, all at a reasonable price.

Who Uses This Software?

TalentHR is a fresh tool built for HR and hiring managers looking for an all-in-one solution for job applicant tracking (ATS) success. Simplify your hiring process and bring top talent on board with a click.

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What is TalentHR?

TalentHR is a fresh take on HRIS, an all-in-one tool built for your job applicant tracking (ATS) success. Create brand-new job listings with generative AI and kickstart your hiring process. Customize your careers page and share job listings on social media without downtime. Manage your recruitment process steps and easily pass potential candidates along the pipeline. No job openings for promising candidates? Save their resumes in your talent pool and reach out to them later on. Your portal lets you provide candidates with a seamless hiring and onboarding experience. With the native integration with TalentLMS, automatically assign training to new hires and bring them up to speed on their new roles quickly. TalentHR is a product of Epignosis, the company that 11,000+ businesses worldwide trust for their HR and L&D needs.

Overview of TalentHR benefits

- Manage your hiring and onboarding from a single portal. No IT skills required.

- Use powerful generative AI to write new job listings with different tones of voice in the blink of an eye.

- Create a customizable careers page with your organization’s branding to showcase active job openings.

- Tailor your recruitment stages so applicants know exactly what they need to do or submit at any moment in the process.

- Review applications at your own pace, take notes on each candidate, and smoothly pass qualified applicants along the pipeline.

- Bring top talent on board in a snap thanks to TalentHR’s native onboarding features.

- Keep standout resumes in your talent pool and match today’s candidates to tomorrow’s job openings.

- Integrate your TalentHR portal with TalentLMS and automate your people’s training management.



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