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What is talentReef?

TalentReef is a leading provider of SaaS-based recruitment marketing and talent management solutions that are purposefully built for the decentralized hourly workforce. Our mobile-first platform streamlines the recruit to retain process to transform how employers find, hire, train, and engage hourly workers. Many of the best known global brands trust TalentReef to provide the actionable insights needed to optimize and drive their talent management processes.

talentReef is the #1 provider for Social Recruiting and Talent Management Systems specifically built for the Hourly workforce. As the market leader with more than 70,000 sites under contract, including the world's best known and best run brands, the company streamlines how fast-paced operators find, hire, train, and manage their most valuable asset—talent. The Company's mobile-optimized HR platform (Social Recruiting, ATS, Onboarding, Training and Development, Performance Management, and Analytics) is transforming the way Millennials and Generation Z are connecting on-demand with employers globally. Leading companies across multiple service industry verticals like Focus Brands, Flynn Restaurant Group, Landmark Industries, LBA Hospitality, and Lucky's Market trust talentReef to optimize their Operational and HR functions on a daily basis.


Overview of talentReef benefits

A Comprehensive Toolset to Attract Talent & Broadcast Your Employment Brand.

Today’s workforce is socially-savvy, making it critical to have a seamless candidate experience that offers an engaging, mobile responsive application and a comprehensive social recruiting strategy to compete for top talent.

React Instantly to Hiring Demands
talentReef’s Recruitment Marketing platform offers an intuitive approach to talent acquisition.  Our mobile-optimized system gives companies complete control over all recruitment outreach, allowing them to react instantly and effectively to dynamic hiring needs, avoiding lengthy delays and costs while still highlighting their unique employment brand. 

With custom career pages, job board integrations, SEO support, unlimited talent community campaigns, and a robust referrals engine, talentReef casts a wider net around your applicant pool, driving both passive and active candidates to apply. With a one-stop-shop for promoting jobs, talentReef customers can ensure constant recruiting outreach to candidates without any manual effort by field managers. 


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