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What is Talmundo?

Talmundo is a full-service employee onboarding solution spanning the entire onboarding lifecycle.

With our world-class software you can create personalized journeys for your new hires, where they can view content relating to the company and their role, complete onboarding assessments, view progress, communicate with colleagues, access roadmaps, fill in online forms, and more. Our mobile-friendly, cloud-based platform is designed to be accessed on-the-go, facilitating a seamless, personalized experience for your newest colleagues.

First, you’ll reinvent your journey. Build strong onboarding stories, tailored to your new hires’ needs. Create inspirational journeys that are experience-based, content-driven and consistently delivered across different departments and locations.

Then you’ll automate your process. Free up time for HR, connect and engage key stakeholders and deploy your journey across multiple locations and departments at the push of a button.

Finally, you’ll elevate your business! Capture learnings and key measurements from your new hire journey and apply them for future business success.

Overview of Talmundo benefits

Revolutionize your new hire experience with an onboarding journey that delivers measurable results. Our mobile-friendly onboarding platform will help you build a culture of employee engagement, decrease new hire time-to-productivity and de-risk recruitment investments. The results? Invested new hires who hit peak performance faster and stay longer. So dont wait, reinvent your journey, automate your process and elevate your business with Talmundos world-class onboarding platform today.

Level-up your business with data that tells the whole story_
Identify obstacles and pain points across your onboarding lifecycle and build practical solutions.
Recognize where things are going RIGHT and create systems to replicate that success.


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