TaskOPad is an end-to-end task management software and task management app that aims bring all your daily work and tasks on one platform thereby helping stay on the top of things and making you more productive!

Who Uses This Software?

TaskOPad is Task Management Software which is assign & track task easily.

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What is TaskOPad?

With the TaskOPad Task Management App, it becomes easier to understand which team members are overloaded with work and who can handle a couple of more assignments. You can easily prioritize recurring or new tasks and assign timelines to it so that fellow team members can work accordingly.

There are many task management web and mobile applications and software’s that are readily available in the market which might prove to be fruitful to complex organizational structures. However for medium sized and smaller organizations, TaskOPad has been designed to keep things simple and institutive ensuring easy navigation around the software

Overview of TaskOPad benefits

To Do List
Create a daily task list for all those recurring assignments that need to be taken care of on daily basis and track if those have been completed or not. You can also add priority assignments which need to be given immediate attention and watch its progress


Chat Discussions
We understand how important are time intensive decisions in a fast paced market. With TaskOPad you don’t need to wait for meeting or long hours to have discussions. Chat with your managers and team mates to get clarity or make decisions.


Project Management
Inter-department processes can make project management highly complex. With a robust team task management tool TaskOPad, you can simplify these processes while getting real-time updates on where the project has reached and what items are still pending.


Time Tracking
TaskOPad is an accurate time tracking software for ensuring timely project completion in your organization. Now you can track which tasks are taking more time or have been delayed and take corrective measures to meet all the deadlines for your project.


Docs & Attachment
Bring all your work to one place. TaskOPad enables you to upload and share spreadsheets, attachments, and documents with teammates in real-time for improving collaboration and making decisions based on actionable insights .


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