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What is Teamtailor?

The user-friendly recruitment and employer branding ATS. Loved by 85,000 users and 2,500+ organizations across all sizes and verticals. We’ll help you attract more candidates, nurture your talent pool and make smarter hiring decisions.

Teamtailor helps organizations attract the best talent with a beautiful career site that converts visitors to applicants. It's easy to build, fully optimized and no technical knowledge is needed.

Beyond your current recruitment needs, we understand the importance of growing and nurturing a talent pool. Attract passive talent with campaign pages and let potential candidates subscribe to job alerts from particular roles or departments.

Teamtailor’s intuitive automation helps users manage candidates and the entire recruitment process, as well as schedule and keep track of activities, book interviews, and make notes about candidates.

With our analytics dashboard, you'll have all the tools you need to make data-driven decisions, helping you reach your end goals faster. Understand where your applicants are coming from and identify bottlenecks in your recruitment processes.

Overview of Teamtailor benefits

The recruitment and employer branding ATS. The modern way to attract, nurture and hire top talent. Grow faster by focusing on what matters most - your candidates. Why use Teamtailor? Designed to help recruiters and HR managers, you'll strengthen your employer brand and revolutionise your recruitment process, all in one platform. Use unique features such as automated triggers, GDPR compliancy and an easy-to-build, interactive career site.

Get the data to make the right decisions. Automate tasks and save time. Get started now:
Instantly easy to use
Automate tedious tasks
Track and analyze your work

Seamless workflow:
With Teamtailor you get an applicant tracking system that contains all the features you and your team need to recruit without hassle.


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