Teamwork is the all-in-one project management software that allows you to easily manage your projects from start to finish.

Who Uses This Software?

Work and project management software that helps in-house teams & agencies improve collaboration, visibility, accountability and ultimately results.

  • Large Enterprises (>10,000)
  • Small/Medium Businesses
  • Computer Software
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Other
  • Professional Services (Agency, Business)
  • Program Development
  • Mobile Application
  • Self-Hosted Cloud-based
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Documentation
  • Webinars
  • 24/7
  • Business Hours
  • Live Online
  • Online Community
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What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is a project management application that includes all the good features of other top systems in this category and eschews all their weaknesses. It is simple enough to use even for lay users yet robust to enable companies to maximize their project management processes and operations.

Teamwork offers 2 modules: Projects and Desk

Teamwork Projects

This feature-packed module enables you to stay on track of your projects and deliver them on time. Developing intelligent workflows is streamlined as the software helps you ensure they’re effective for your processes. Key features include instant comprehensive reports, Gantt charts, milestones, time tracking, and task management, among others. The best part is you can perform task coordination, documentation, and communication in one place to make your team’s work more productive.

Teamwork Desk

This module empowers you to effortlessly manage all your tickets and inbound communication. It is a support hub for help doc creation and inbound communication that allows your team to work 24/7. You can measure traffic channels, team productivity, and customer happiness. Plus, this module seamlessly integrates with Teamwork Projects and the other tools you use.

Overview of Teamwork benefits

What makes Teamwork the best project management software for your business? Here are some of the reasons:

A Host of Advantages

First, the software offers feature-rich systems that come with basic and advanced tools yet not as confusing compared to other high-end platforms. You can organize your projects, teams, resources, schedules and more with ease and speed. It lets you collaborate effectively with members of your team as well as your clients. You can go mobile as Teamwork is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Chrome, and the Web. It allows for seamless integrations with popular tools and business systems you are using mean you can do a lot without having to undergo several learning curves.

Streamlines Communication

Teamwork Desk helps to streamline communication between your team and your users. You can route tickets correctly to the right agents and add notes for instruction. View the ticket status to track each case’s progress and ensure a smooth customer experience.

Solve Problems Faster

Save time and work more efficiently with features such as assigning tickets, unified inboxes, and ticket statuses. In addition, you can action a job in Teamwork Projects without leaving Teamwork Desk


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