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Use Cases
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Supported Specifications
  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
  • SCORM 2004 4th Edition
  • xAPI/Tin Can API

What is Techademy?

Learning without Limits

The Learning ecosystem instilled by Techademy hinges on thoughtful consideration of how to architect course materials that can be further customised to meet the multiple learning objectives while also supporting different learning styles via:

  • Live Virtual Classes
  • Digital Media Content
  • Mentor-on-demand 
  • Cloud-based sandbox labs
  • Projects based on industry data sets.

Learning as a string of rich experience

As one of the world-first, Techademy takes pride in pioneering a holistic learning experience/ engagement platform that possesses all pertinent fractions to ensure learner stickiness, promote learnability and levitate towards learning & business objectives. Learning effectiveness has always been our primary goal.  

The custom services and solutions offered have the ability to work in isolation or together, creating emphatic learning experiences, achieved via structured synergy which aims to percolate knowledge, establish skill and improve ability. 

Your Playground. IIHT Gameplay.

Futureproofing business through L&D seems a very tangible goal, if the right mix of learning tools work together.

Our products can seamlessly integrate into your existing platforms to blend in; diverging to create multiple learner journeys, converging on learning effectiveness. Combine work and learning in the winning path to a larger digital convergence. Plug in our API to your systems to score tactical and strategic learning goals.

With an array of packaged integrations that allow businesses to seamlessly connect their learning data and training programs to critical and supplementary information systems and applications we strive to establish customised learning ecosystems that enable a holistic approach to learning.


Overview of Techademy benefits

Deliver Immersive Learning Experiences with Customized Digital Content

By integrating our content library into your learning program, you can provide a host of content, while enabling staff to define their learning plans. On average, IIHT adds 100+ courses per month to the ever-growing catalog. IIHT retains an in-house ‘Learning Services Team’ to create and curate customized content on demand. Connect our content with your Learning Experience Platform to get instant access to content and of course, track your learners with a variety of ready-made and customizable reports.

Objective-Driven Execution

Get your talent pool comfortable with new technology in the specific context of your enterprise architecture.

Reinforce knowledge gained through our Learning Paths with one of the largest libraries of practical labs online. Onboard new employees or get your talent pool comfortable with new technology in the specific context of your enterprise architecture. IIHT’s practice labs are essentially a virtual skill gym where learners can flex their coding muscles to build their programming brawn. 

Measure. Manage. Merit.

Assess the capabilities and skill level of your workforce to curate the best learning strategy that beats the slump.

A highly interactive and intuitive engagement awaits the incumbent. Multiple forms of assessment are readily available, primarily differentiated by coding and non-coding.

Summon a mentor with just a click. . .

Upon incubation in the learning portal, a learner can find a Mentor relevant to their Learning Path/Skill-set/Technology who is available as Scheduled/ Dial-A-Mentor facilities.


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