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What is TechClass Ltd?

We started TechClass by making our students believe in “Learning Smartly”. We were aware of the hardship students have when they are motivated, but they struggle to adapt themselves to the material and approaches content providers, universities, or training providers offer them. We believed in personalized education and targeting a wide range of skills to assure our students will not get lost, and every minute they spend on our platform and learning our material counts.

TechClass is highly driven by internal motivation for finding continuous improvements in its business. So far, we have provided a portfolio of practical, updated, and trending online courses on various IT topics, and such courses have made it possible for many students to pursue their careers more easily in the IT industry. Through hard work, commitment, and successful cooperation with our partners, over 40,000 credits have been accomplished by our students to this day.

In addition to course content development, we continuously improve our online learning tools as the backbone and infrastructure of our business to deliver our services efficiently to the users. TechClass learning management system is a powerful, reliable, and modern solution to manage different types of educational affairs, from delivering the content to students in a personalized learning environment to managing and monitoring the courses and enrollments by lecturers, tutors, university staff, and even parents.

Overview of TechClass Ltd benefits

The key is not to force methods and content but to shed light on different directions that each student may choose to release his/her full potential and precisely aim for what he/she is looking for. We believe no one values the students’ times than themselves. Therefore, flexibility is vital.

Value Time
Once we provided practical and updated material that students can use in working environments and having the support of a smart learning platform, they will become even more delighted to follow the learning path and accomplish their learning goals.

We obtained valuable experiences throughout years of being active in the education sector, especially having students from all around the world, which enabled us to dream more prominent on an international and global scale.
Bridge Between Academia and Industry
Close collaboration with key companies in need of innovative solutions helped us evaluate both current and future requirements. We want to offer education in a global language that can inspire, motivate, and is transferrable to future jobs of the students. We want to focus on developing the learning environment to build a product that can be part of the Finnish educational system export.

Global growth requires new concepts and collaborative models. Diversity improves the problem-solving ability of the business and leads to higher expertise and more creative ideas. We are truly proud and delighted by the positive impact that our company services provide for our partners and users.


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