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What is Tempo Timesheets?

Tempo Timesheets is a time tracking software in Jira which enables teams to track time online, and collect reliable data for reporting, invoicing, accounting, and more. With the Tempo Cloud mobile app, users have the flexibility to track time on-the-go via iOS and Android smartphone devices.

Tempo Timesheets allows users to log time quickly by dragging and dropping issues into the ‘My Work’ calendar. Users can also set up time trackers to track time automatically while they work in Jira. This time is then converted into a worklog.

With Tempo Timesheets, users can generate granular reports and drill down into their data to get valuable insight into logged issues, projects, teams, users, accounts, and more. Users can save their reports or export them in multiple formats like XLS, CSV, or PDF.

Tempo Timesheets allows managers to review and approve team timesheets individually, or in bulk. The platform also maintains accurate approval logs for business transparency and traceability.

Tempo Timesheets supports Slack and QuickBooks integration, enabling users to log work and submit timesheets directly from Slack, as well as run payroll and find billable hours with QuickBooks. Users can integrate with their other tools using the Tempo API.

Overview of Tempo Timesheets benefits

Track time on the go:
Get things done wherever and whenever you want with Tempo’s mobile app.

Integrate Tempo seamlessly with other tools:
Drive more integration and automation between Jira, Tempo and your ecosystem of solutions.

Track customer cost or CAPEX expenses:
Organize time tracking data into different categories for reporting.

Plan resources:
Optimize the use of resources and plan staffing needs.

Keep on top of project costs:
Transform your team’s tracked time efforts in Tempo Timesheets into tracked cost.

Manage finances:
Monitor the financials of projects and portfolios.

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