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What is TestInvite?

TestInvite is a leading online assessment and exam software used by organizations in over 90 countries worldwide. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, hosting, and managing customized exams, along with robust anti-cheating safeguards to ensure reliable and dependable results.

With TestInvite's question bank module, organizations can centralize their exam questions and categorize them with ease using a flexible tag system. This enables the utilization of various question types across multiple tests, with performance tracking capabilities.

The exam authoring tools allow for the creation of highly personalized exams, with options to organize questions into sections and pages and customize configurations such as time controls and question randomization. Additionally, exams can be tailored to align with specific measurement objectives or learning outcomes, generating in-depth reports that pinpoint test-takers' strengths and weaknesses.

The assessment editor further enhances the exam process by enabling the design of assessment processes for single or multiple exams. This includes specifying how individuals receive personalized email invitations, access assessments, and navigate through the exam process, with customizable rules for progressing through series of exams.

To uphold the integrity of exams, TestInvite offers comprehensive anti-cheating measures such as online proctoring and lockdown testing environment. Additional features like webcam and screen recording, real-time monitoring and chat, and time and navigation controls further contribute to preventing cheating attempts, ensuring a secure and reliable exam experience.

In conclusion, TestInvite empowers organizations to confidently conduct exams that accurately assess test-takers' abilities while adhering to the highest standards of security and reliability.

Overview of TestInvite benefits

Systematically randomized questions for each test-taker

You can design online assessments with randomized questions for each test-taker, preventing any prior knowledge advantage, and ensuring fairness and balance by maintaining an equal number of questions across subjects and difficulty levels for all participants.

100% web-based

Deliver your assessments online through web browsers without the need for installing any additional apps or extensions, which helps to avoid potential IT-related and privacy issues.

Preserve integrity with anti-cheating safeguards

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of results, safeguard the integrity of the assessment process by implementing a variety of anti-cheating measures, including screen locking, webcam and screen recording, time limits, and navigation restrictions.

Robust cloud-based infrastructure for high-scale

Host your assessments on the cloud for thousands of concurrent test-takers.

Live proctoring

Real-time proctoring offers complete control over the assessment process, including tasks like dividing test-takers into groups, assigning proctors to each group, and monitoring their webcams, screens, and progress during the examination.

Insightful results

Gain valuable insights into individuals by assessing multiple dimensions, pinpointing their strengths and weaknesses, and analyzing their scores in comparison to others, using norms and benchmarks.

Elegant and customizable assessment reports

Craft elegant reports through the use of custom design templates, tailored scoring algorithms, and textual interpretations of scores, among other options.

Question banking

Store, tag, and classify test questions in a central location for reuse across multiple tests and creating question pools for randomized test sections.


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