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Supported Specifications

What is Testpress LMS?

Testpress is simple and easy to use Learning Management system. It helps you to provide online learning and training to your learners. 

Testpress LMS is built over a period of 6 years and is used by more than 1000 organizations across the globe. 

Who uses Testpress?

  • Training Institutions to deliver online training contents
  • Testprep institutions to deliver online learning videos and assessments. 

Selling online courses:

  • Testpress is integrated with International payment gateways like PayPal which helps trainers to sell online courses as well.

Mobile Application

  • Testpress also provides Whitelabelled Android and iOS mobile application helps learners to access training material on the go.

Overview of Testpress LMS benefits

Testpress allows you to 

  • Seamlessly create courses
  • Add contents like Videos, PDFs, PPTs, Online assessments to the courses
  • Add users to courses and sell the courses via Paypal integration
  • Learners can access the content across devices. 
  • Testpress also provides native mobile applications for both Android and iOS in your organization's brand. Videos


  • Supports Adaptive streaming. 
  • Pop up Quizzes
  • Secured using DRM

Powerpoint and PDFs:

  • Allow learners to either download the PDFs or learn on the screen. 

Online Assessments:

  • Questions can be directly uploaded from the word document/excel sheet
  • Supports different question types like MCQs, Match the following, Fill in the blanks, Numerical Type answers, Descriptive questions.


  • Allows you to track the learner's progress and performance

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