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What is The Gamehill?

Gamehill delivers a next generation Gamified learning platform that received an outstanding reception among players as well as clients.

Gamification takes mechanics from games and uses them to make dull tasks exciting and fun. Gamehill platform delivers tailor made learning content for professionals to their desks and mobile phones – wherever and whenever they are closest to utilizing this knowledge and skills. It could be Sales, customers service-learning materials, or becoming better leader.

Strongest points:
- Engaging storyline - (story, beautiful, yet business oriented graphics)

- Microlearning – 15+ formats, content from existing library or created from Clients materials

- AI powered adaptive learning – Inteligent modules for smart repetition and tailored to user recommendations.

It proved to be working for small (15) and large (2000) target groups of very mixed demographics. We utilize a broad mix of game mechanics (ca. 30). We cross platforms and connect worlds combining on-line and offline tasks, and even bringing online characters to real life scenarios. Communication with users goes beyond the platform, with e-mails, in-character text messages, live chat support and even post cards included!

We have solid experience in implementing gamification in banks and financial institutions. One of the examples is the project for Alior Bank. Future Leader Academy 3.0 is an answer to the development needs in the area of leadership and personal competences. Project took 18 months and included every Branch Director (250 people).  We have achieved amazing results: 76% of all 250+ tasks completed.

Overview of The Gamehill benefits

Highly engaging
Due to 30+ game mechanics present managers & salesmen will have fun learning and practicing their new skills. Competing will be combined with cooperation, challenges and off-line tasks that will increase engagement.

Constant learning&development
This approach is proven to engage over long time – we have many long-term implementations including 1200 users playing 4th season (24 months now).

designed to serve from 15 to 5000 users, with features such as local rankings and challenges. Low cost per user in large projects.

Data analitycs at hand
Both HR and direct supervisors will have plenty of insight into how their people are using the platform. Statistics and direct feedback as well as access to all learning materials by supervisors are available.

Tailor made

developed by Gamehill in-house with optional features specifically for you


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