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What is TimeClick?

Hawkeye Technology was founded in 1977. At first, we focused on financial data processing for banks and small businesses. During the first few years, the company founder wrote a small in-house program to track his employees’ times. He called his time clock program TimeKeeper.

TimeKeeper changed the course of the company. Our founder decided to market the program and it took off. As a result, the company and software evolved rapidly. TimeKeeper “grew up” from a simple DOS time clock to what is now TimeClick®, powerful yet easy to use time and attendance software.

Easy-to-use small business time clock software that saves you time, money, and eliminates the human error of paper timesheets. TimeClick tracks employee clock in/out times, time off, jobs, departments, punctuality, manages overtime, and more. Flexible timesheet reports save managers hours of work on payroll day. TimeClick installs securely on your network giving you more control of your data and preventing time theft. All TimeClick users have access to our U.S.-based, personable support team.

Overview of TimeClick benefits

TimeClick Features:

SQL Database
Employee Status Screen
Adjust Employee Status Screen
Multiple Computers

Employee Time Tracking:

Employees Personal Information
Hours Worked & Overtime Worked
Supports Night Shifts
Supports all Pay Period Types
Submit Missed Time Request
Modify Existing Clock Records
Add New Clock Records
Add Vacation, Holiday, and Sick Time
Add Bereavement, Other and PTO time
Mass Entries
Edit/Reverse Mass Entries
Monitor Where Employees Clock In/Out From
Employee Messages
Employees Can Add Their Own Vacation, Sick, or Holiday Time
Employees Can Add PTO, Bereavement, Other Time, etc.
Employee Schedule
Prevent Clocking In Outside Scheduled Start Time
Auto Lunch Deduction
Job Tracking
Department Tracking
Messaging System
Track Paid or Unpaid Breaks
Custom Time Actions


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