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What is TimeHub?

We have helped businesses like yours for over 25 years through our payroll companies Comacc The Payroll People and Just Payslips. One thing we’ve learned doing this, is, the key to effective payroll management is fast and accurate capture and processing of employee attendance data.

That's why we created TimeHub - a solution through which we can make the biggest difference in the lives of employees, payroll managers and businesses in general. 

 Experience has shown us that we can save a company your size, up to 2% of their annual wage bill if you manage employee attendance manually.

This can equate to thousands of dollars a year!

TimeHub capture’s your employees’ attendance where they are located, using the devices they prefer to use. Now is the time to replace your paper time sheets and let your employees clock in from a fixed TimeHub terminal using a dedicated iPad or Android tablet. 

Where individuals or groups of employees are working off-site they or a supervisor can even use their smartphone to clock.

Employees use a tablet or smartphone to clock. Then using our TimeHub Employer Portal you can manage the data, apply rules, manage leave etc and then export to your payroll. Potentially saving you hours each week

Overview of TimeHub benefits

Some of the key benefits of the TimeHub solution include:

  • Trust - Employees want to know they are being paid accurately for the hours they work.
  • No more time sheets - No one enjoys filling out or working out time sheets.
  • More accurate payroll data - No more keying times into your payroll.
  • Avoid Time Theft - Have the peace of mind that you are only paying the wages that you should.
  • No Expensive Hardware. - Get an iPad, Android tablet or Smartphone setup in seconds. 
  • Rostering- Manage employee rosters and allow TimeHub to work out the correct hours
  • Faster Payroll Processing - Everything is calculated for you
  • Rules Based - Takes out miscalculation, interpretation and favouritism 
  • Handles Mobile or Remote Workers - They can "clock" where they are.

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