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What is TimeSolv?

TimeSolv has provides law firms and other professional service firms a best in class web-based time, billing and project management solution.

Tracking and managing time and expenses in a timely and professional manner is key to profitability and translates to shortened turnaround time for collections. TimeSolv provides automatic timers or manual time entry functionality, as well as hourly and project-fee billing options for time entries.

TimeSolv integrates with both QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online as well as with Xero Accounting. We also provide a Client Portal that will allow clients to pay you online via credit card by integrating with LawPay/Affinipay.

TimeSolv provides a document storage solution and integrates with both Dropbox and NetDocuments.

With our offline desktop app and mobile apps for iOS and Android, a professional doesn't even need an internet connection to enter time and expense information from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night.

Overview of TimeSolv benefits


Intuitive and Simple

With a user-friendly interface, TimeSolv can be accessed from any gadget allowing you to easily retrieve your business data anytime, anywhere. Because timekeeping should not be time-consuming, the app’s TimeSync Desktop Widget allows you to readily input expense and time entries when you’re online and even offline.

Reliable Expert Invoicing

This platform is specially designed to efficiently facilitate the invoicing needs of numerous types of business. Many law firms tend to choose TimeSolv because it provides all the functionalities that these firms require, from conflicts management and LEDES billing to Client Portal with LawPay and trust accounting.

Timesolv not only speeds up your billing process, but your bills are also made highly accurate. You can customize your invoices based on your clients with TimSolv’s flexible templates and send them via mail or email. The software comes with a Client Portal with LawPay integration, which means you’ll get paid faster and on time.

Better Management for Increased Revenues

TimeSolv’s smart project management functionality is designed in a way that all your time entries are integrated to the financial aspects of your business, which allows you to quickly determine if your expenses are still within the allowed budget or not. Aside from the bi-directional syncing with Quickbooks, this app can produce over 30 various types of reports in almost a dozen formats so that you’re always on top of everything regarding your business.


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