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What is Timogix?

Timogix is an employee time management and tracking solution hosted wholly within the cloud, promising businesses of all sizes centralized, universal access from all devices. Available on a free plan for the first three users, before an affordable monthly business plan adds QuickBooks integration, Timogix promises to target those demanding simplicity over complex training. An integrated knowledge base provides quick start support, while the straightforward browser-based UI keeps key features up front. Via a tabbed dashboard, employee timesheets can be set up and managed before defining who has access over viewing and approval.

The system can also handle auto-approvals of timesheets according to business requirements, with client management also covering unlimited logging of project or task times. Billing rules can then be defined to reflect individual business situations, backed by easy invoicing from time entries or free-form entry. Invoices will be created swiftly to accurate totals, requiring only hourly rates charged versus selected projects. Timogix also supports QuickBooks integration and requested data imports to other accounting systems, plus full data reporting options and configurable email notifications.

Overview of Timogix benefits

Cloud based software you can access from any PC or mobile device. A simple time tracking interface that makes it easy and quick to enter your time and daily comments.

Add any expense type (mileage, lodging, entertainment, etc) as you define the expense types for your business. Expenses can be submitted then approved, rejected, or re-opened. Need a specific expense report? Let us know, and we can customize it to fit your business look and feel.

When a user submits a timesheet you can approve or reject their timesheet. Based on your business process you define who has the privileges to approve timesheets by user or client or both.

Want to know when a timesheet you manage has been submitted or approved? Email notifications keep you in the loop letting you know when someone you manage has submitted time.


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