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What is TINYpulse?

TINYpulse is employee engagement software best suited for mid-sized companies (200-5,000 employees) looking to make data-driven decisions to improve their culture and employer brand. Increase employee retention and accelerate performance by promoting better communication, transparency, and recognition in the workplace. An annual engagement cycle using TINYpulse makes it easy for organizations to distribute an annual survey, prioritize action items, and monitor progress with pulsing questions.

Data-Driven Technology
Kick-start your Engagement Strategy with the TINYpulse Annual Employee Engagement Survey.
Data-Driven Technology
Cross Team Communication
Share data and insights from your results with leadership and stakeholders to help inform next steps.
Cross Team Communication
Actionable Recommendations
Data-driven recommendations to take the guesswork out of how to improve so you can hit the ground running.
Actionable Recommendations
Derived by Experts
Select from 300+ science-backed questions and pre-built templates, like an eNPS survey, or choose your own custom questions.
Derived by Experts
Better Leadership Decisions
Advanced visualization helps you dive deeper to uncover themes and opportunities, like surprise turnover or insufficient training, before they become problems.
Better Leadership Decisions
Communicate Anonymously
All survey responses are 100% anonymous. Private message any respondent about their feedback, without compromising their identity, to get clarity on their responses.

Overview of TINYpulse benefits

Get the formula for success.
TINYpulse by Limeade takes the guesswork out of employee feedback and surveys so that HR leaders are empowered to drive positive organizational change and improve employee engagement. 

More than just surveys.
Make employees feel heard with opportunities for continuous, transparent feedback
Get the data and tools you need to build a robust employee engagement strategy
Strategically act on feedback and validate that your efforts are working
Activate the full potential of your employees so they bring their best selves to work

Get customizable 1-on-1 agenda builders so managers are set for success. Use goal tracking to support personal and career growth, then watch your team get stronger in real-time.

Cheers for Peers
Companies with recognition programs enjoy 31% lower turnover. Celebrate your employees with peer-to-peer recognition, TINYpulse gift cards, culture tags, company feeds, and so much more.


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