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What is Twilight by theDevMasters?

The LMS serves as a complete solution for online education having internally built features of live classrooms, white-boarding, quizzes, assignment and assessment submission, availability of internally built stylus for grading, meeting tools, calendar, and so much more!

The availability of Artificial Intelligence has revamped the model of traditional LMSs, AI provides Facial Recognition in LMS which helps to prevent cheating in exams and logging into the portal. It also provides analytics based on student engagement, IQ, EQ, etc which can help both the students and teachers in all courses. Twilight LMS also offers chatrooms for each course and during the online lectures for students.

Overview of Twilight by theDevMasters benefits

One-stop solution:

Our platform allows for a multi-dimensional approach with live classrooms, white-boarding, quizzes, assignments, smart AI and data-driven dashboards, internally built meeting tools for events, lecture recordings, a vast reporting mechanism and so much more!

Built with the power of Artificial Intelligence:

Twilight's solution harnesses the power of AI and machine learning. The platform has the ability of facial recognition for the learners with 90% accuracy which is especially helpful in cheating prevention. Moreover, the platform detects student focus and engagement and alerts the instructors in case of inactivity.

Feature-rich reporting mechanism:

The platform measures Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Intelligence Quotient (IQ), and Social Behaviour of learners on the base of their attitude and draws useful behavior reports which help to detect learners' performance and predict possible roadblocks and also to make key decisions which will save time, money and resources.

High-end cybersecurity:

The platform of Twilight LMS uses 2-factor authentication for the system for learners, instructors, and management. Management can control the level and type of security for others. The LMS also has the option for facial recognition locking system as per user's requirements.


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