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What is Tydy?

Tydy is a cloud-based employee onboarding software designed to help businesses automate human resource (HR) workflows, distribute employee data across disparate systems or stakeholders and personalize staff members' onboarding or offboarding experiences using segmentation and targeting capabilities. Administrators can create online forms to capture or collect data about new hires based on compliance, location, government, and organizational requirements.

Tydy automatically generates digital PDFs for statutory, government, or corporate forms and manages follow-up processes across IT, facilities, and managing teams or stakeholders. The built-in editor allows supervisors to create engaging content including infographics, flashcards, and videos for mobile and other devices. Managers can also maintain a single source of truth by organizing captured information and segment new hires based on location, department, or role to send personalized information.

Overview of Tydy benefits

Tydy is an Onboarding Experience Company. We bring together automation, technology and experts to reimagine the way your employees experience their new company.

Remote Onboarding. Virtual Onboarding. Digitizing Data. Employee Data Management. Employee Experience. New Hire Experience. Onboarding Experience. Employee Work Records. Electronic Work Records.

These buzzwords are no longer the domain of the "nice-to-have". They have become an essential requirement for today's workplace. Where employees are treated as a company's best customers. And Tydy's mission is deliver that unforgettable experience.

While other platforms deleted the personal touch, we went above and beyond to ensure your success with Tydy. Our platform makes it simple to scale your HR & IT teams and empower them to work with an incredibly powerful productivity suite. Our dedicated team remains intimately involved in your Tydy experience to support you as you hire and grow your company. If it feels as if we’re fanatical about your success, it’s because we are.


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