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  • Employee Training
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  • xAPI/Tin Can API

What is Upswing LMS?

With technology evolving rapidly it has become imperative for teachers and schools to adopt this shift.Upswing's Learning Management System is built to equip and empower teachers to make learning fun and interesting for their students.With time being the essence in each one's life today, Upswing Learning is built to assist all the key stakeholders in their day to day functioning i.e School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students.


With this very thought Upswing Learning was born from the House of MS Ramaiah.Designed for students between the 6th to 12th grades we are a content rich learning management system catering to all the boards in the country namely CBSE, ICSE, IB & State Level Boards. Equipped with a vast repository of course material, practice tests and question bank our teacher centric platform has been vetted by a team of academics across the country.

With students under constant pressure to perform at the Boards and numerous other competitive exams, Upswing Learning provides an unified learning methodology to help them improve their analytical and intellectual skills.Our easy to use content rich platform eliminates the repetitive tasks for the teachers helping them focus on what they love to do "TEACH".Our customised dashboard helps the school administrators have greater control in the functioning of the institution with information that matters right at their fingertips. Our philosophy that teachers are akin to a nucleus, the

Overview of Upswing LMS benefits

Key Highlights
Effortless School Administration
The administration has a bird's eye view of the entire school's learning progress at their fingertips; by having access to teacher performance, class reports, time table generation, exam results and much more with just a click of a button.
A Teacher's Ally
With a vast repository of course content, teachers can schedule tests, quizzes and homework assignments allowing them to focus on improving the tutoring experience for students by helping them save time on setting question papers or grading assignments. Upswing enables teachers to narrow down each student's area for improvement subject / topic wise.
Every Student's Companion
Personalized learning tips for every student.Upswing's Course Manager & Revision Manager not only helps students access teacher notes but also provides students unlimited practise tests available on every topic in every subject, allowing them to revise concepts taught in class that enhances their performance.
Monitoring Made Easy
Parents can track their child's overall progress with comprehensive graphs and charts within minutes and stay informed at every step of their learning journey.


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