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What is UserGuiding?

Most users struggle to see the full value of a product within the first 14 days (if ever).

That's why we built UserGuiding, a no-code user onboarding platform that helps increase adoption and reduce churn using interactive walkthroughs. Guide your users and display help articles they can read without ever leaving your app.

The best part? You can do it all without breaking the bank and with zero technical expertise, thanks to our affordable pricing and drag-and-drop interface. It doesn't get much better than that.

Try UserGuiding today to get your user onboarding up and running in just a matter of minutes, literally.

Overview of UserGuiding benefits

With UserGuiding, companies are able to:

  • Increase retention and reduce churn with product tours, taking users by the hand and directly to their "Aha moment"
  • Turbocharge feature adoption using hotspots and product tours communicating the value faster 
  • Alleviate customer support workload by empowering users to figure out how to solve problems on their own
  • Promote content and resources with Resource Center, a widget allowing customers to integrate their knowledge base and showcase resources directly within their web app 
  • Gain insights with segmentation and analytics that help identify patterns to improve the overall user experience

And that's just the start! Head to userguiding.com to learn more.


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