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What is VEDAMO Virtual Classroom?

VEDAMO is an interactive Virtual Classroom Platform that increases students' motivation by 72%, with tools for game creation, collaboration, classroom management and lesson preparation. It replicates the feeling of a traditional classroom and allows teachers to teach their way.

VEDAMO is for teachers, tutors and school administrators who want to boost engagement and improve outcomes in online classes.

VEDAMO includes screen sharing, an interactive whiteboard, document editor, break-out rooms, a synchronized media player, online storage for learning resources, gamification options, and much more. It integrates with leading LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace by D2L, and more. It supports custom LTI and API integration. 

VEDAMO has a lot of security features. It is GDPR and FERPA compliance.

Overview of VEDAMO Virtual Classroom benefits

VEDAMO was purpose-built for education and has a rich set of tools for engaging lessons. It allows you to conduct engaging live online sessions with your learners without the need to install any additional software. We save teachers time with features like reusable lesson templates and distraction monitoring, full class management settings and many more.

  • What are the benefits for the teachers?
    They can easily implement their usual way of teaching online and orchestrate their students as in a traditional classroom. On a top if it they do not need any extra time for a lesson preparation and quickly can jump into the virtual classroom and start teaching for less than a minute.
  • What are the benefits for the school administrators?
    Most of the schools already use a Learning Management System, so they can easily integrate VEDAMO as a part of their current LMS and everything will be on one place.
    In VEDAMO platform they have different tools for monitoring and control. For example they can join as a hidden observer during the live session and see how the teacher conducts the lesson. This helps a lot to improve the methodological part of the teaching process. Also, the admins have a full access to all the recordings, permissions and statistics, so they can check the progress and all the activities of their staff.
    Because of the online environment they can be flexible on scheduling, share content between teachers, cut costs for the facility, logistic, etc.

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