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What is VidyaWell?

Vidyawell is one of the best user friendly School Management Software with a dedicated school management app. It offers features like School Accounts management, Fee Management, Transportation management, Library management, Admission management, Attendance management SMS system, Timetable system, etc.

Following are the details of few modules of VidyaWell:

Admission Management
Admission manager by VidyaWell is an excellent admission solution made for schools, which simplifies all the operations involved in the admission processes.

Fees Management
Get rid of the burdensome responsibilities of managing fee transactions and records.

Student Record Management
Keep all the vital student information on a secure cloud network.

Exam Results Management
Share exam results with your students on the VidyaWell mobile and web apps.

Library Management
Enhance your staff and students’ library experience with VidyaWell’s library management module.

Transport Management
Geofence and GPS track your school transport vehicles. Know your vehicle drivers, pending vehicle EMIs and a lot more.

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Overview of VidyaWell benefits

Guardians always prefer Hi-Tech Schools so that they get complete information about their children. Communication between teachers and parents play an important role in children intellectual growth. Through modern Student tracking system, school and parents both get the real-time location of children.

Use VidyaWell School Management Software to give your School power of new generation tools and technology. Transparent operations and error-free administration move your school in the queue of worlds top schools.

It’s really a hectic work to handle a large database of School manually. VidyaWell is one of the best school management software to remove complete paperwork from schools. VidyaWell ensures that all information needs to be stored electronically with accuracy.

VidyaWell Software provides the following advantages :

  1. Empower teachers through the E-learning platform.
  2. Keep parents and students in the connectivity loop at all times, through SMS, Email and Mobile Apps.
  3. Go paperless, generate e- reports on a click of a button.
  4. Reduce monotonous task of your administrative department. The ERP will do the work for your school!
  5. Track student en route, to and from home.
  6. Elegant website presence, to showcase your school’s vision and mission for education.
  7. Manage your library’s cataloging, accessioning and circulation effortlessly.

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