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What is VOGSY?

OGSY is a cloud-based automation platform targeting the operational needs of a professional services organization, promising mobile-first capabilities supporting the full quote-to-cash lifecycle. Partnered with Google Cloud and built to extend Google’s G-Suite of popular apps, VOGSY offers singular access for multiple user roles across executive, finance / operations, sales and project teams. Additional platform integration support includes third-party software such as Jira, Salesforce, Zapier, QuickBooks and Xero.

Per user, per month pricing includes all the core features that begin with project management. Project, resource and budget planning is backed by collaboration and document management, giving users the ability to track milestones, deliverable and activities. Heat maps aid resource management with indication of availability and utilization, while resourcing suggestions and role /skill matching is also automated. Time and expenses can be logged by pre-populated timesheets and measured by VOGSY’s own stopwatch, with notifications and approval made possible across devices. Billing features offer flexible scheduling and real time reporting, with collaboration assisted by live team chat and commenting etc. Aside from additional CRM features, VOGSY provides data insights and reporting options including a number of metrics plus configurable KPI dashboards.

Overview of VOGSY benefits

Without an organized file system, finding your project files can quickly become nightmarishly time-consuming. With Google Drive integration, VOGSY automates client and project file structure and provides one comprehensive filing system for all your project documents and reports. VOGSY will even auto-generate quotes and invoices and save them to the appropriate folders with one click.

Just by using the optimized file structure automatically created for you, you’re helping to streamline contractors’, project managers’ and project delivery staff’s workflows—without even having to think about it.


Multiple team members can edit the same document simultaneously while Docs automatically saves a history of each version and which team member created it. Since VOGSY generates templates for quotes and invoices in Docs, managing, editing and personalizing them for your brand is as easy as G Suite.

Real-time collaboration means that colleagues can work together efficiently and inspire innovative ideas thanks to a more natural workflow.


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