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What is Vyond?

Vyond combines an intuitive, powerful video editing platform with training, support, and enterprise-level security to ensure that organizations of any size and individuals of any skill level can make media that moves. With features that go beyond moving text and images, you can build character-driven stories or compelling data visualizations that engage audiences and deliver results.

Vyond is the in-house video software of choice for over 14,000 companies worldwide, primarily due to the professional production quality and availability of multiple resolutions in MP4 and GIF formats.

It is the only platform with life-like, lip-syncing capabilities and real character actions like jumping, waving, riding a bike, pushing a cart, or even hitting a baseball (and other complex actions like mowing a lawn, performing surgery, giving CPR). In total, Vyond offers over 1,600 basic and dynamic character actions. 

Hundreds of occupations and industries are represented in our customizable characters, actions, assets and scene templates. These include everything from a grocery store to a laboratory, to a conference room, to a factory, or even behind the wheel of a car.

Try Vyond today with our free trial. You'll see first hand the versatility and endless possibilities with our platform.

Overview of Vyond benefits

Unique, Dynamic Videos
Dynamic content can make all the difference in creating a video that leaves a lasting impact. Vyond Studio makes it easy to create videos for any situation. Mix multiple styles, create custom characters for any setting or job role then bring them to life with realistic movement, actions, and automatic lip-sync. Or spice up one of our pre-made templates with your own imported media.

Control Your Content
With Vyond, it’s easy to use your videos for any purpose, or on any platform. All videos export as .mp4 files and can be added to video hosting platforms, social media channels, and LMS systems. For easy use on websites or in email, videos can also be exported as an animated GIF.

Enterprise-Level Security
Vyond Studio is designed to comply with your organization’s security requirements. Administrator-controlled password compliance and compatibility with both Google and Office 365 single sign-on ensure that your sensitive company data will remain secure. As advocates of consumer and enterprise data privacy, it’s important that you know your data is in good hands.

Built For Teams
Vyond Studio makes it easy for entire teams to work together and stay on the same page. Share custom characters, uploaded assets, and custom templates throughout your team – an easy, efficient way to save time and stay on-brand. Team members can share videos throughout their organization, making it simple to distribute production tasks throughout your team.


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