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What is Web Meeting?

Enjoy online meeting tools such as screen sharing, conference calls, send text chat and files. Leverage integrations with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook for easy invites and RSVPs.

Web Meeting is easy, your team will pick it up instantly. No training is needed.

The simplicity of joining from the browswer shaves valuable minutes off start times.

Web Meeting includes the best tools to meet, demo, share and present remotely.

There is no software installation required. Participants join a Web Meeting session using only their browser. As a result, they avoid any technical complexity at the start of your meeting.

Everyone’s together in a matter of seconds so you can start the meeting with folks pleasantly surprised instead of annoyed and embarrassed.

Overview of Web Meeting benefits

Web Meeting is the ideal way to run dynamic and collaborative meetings online. Hassle-free with no download or installs required, Web Meeting works cross-platform and performs on all popular browsers. Have your best meeting with features that include: HD multi-point video conferencing, screen sharing with remote control and the ability to pass presenting rights, integrated PC audio, and telephone conference calling from over 80 countries worldwide.

Quickly share anything on your screen with our desktop sharing service. Start screen sharing in one click to show presentations, documents, web pages and applications in real-time.

You can use screen sharing to present your desktop or share only a single application. Pass control or change presenters on demand with meeting attendees.


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