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What is WebHR?

WebHR is an integrated human resources platform designed to help businesses with all aspects and processes of HR management. The system is built to cover every base of their employees’ journey from “hire to retire”. Implemented by more than 25,000 companies all over the world, WebHR simplifies the management of employees and provide HR staff with all the tools to handle their HR processes effectively and efficiently.

WebHR effortlessly binds HR management with information technology, enabling businesses to automate many HR processes and aspects. This effectively reduces the workload on HR personnel, allowing them to become more effective and productive on other areas. WebHR boasts of an extensive feature list, including a complete recruitment solution, user-friendly payroll tools, and comprehensive reporting and graphs to name a few. The best part is that you get all of these functionalities at a reasonable price, and that there is even a free startup package you can use to examine them before switching to a higher plan.

Overview of WebHR benefits

WebHR is designed to simplify HR management with its extensive feature set, robust integration, and automation functionality. This cloud-based software easily integrates every known HR-related processes and places them all in one neat, compact and reliable software. Whether you’re working on employee documents, recruitment, employee communication, schedule, or payroll, WebHR lets you do all that without having to exit the system or open another set of applications.

This All-in-One HR Management with services starting from the point a job post is announced to recruit new candidate, to the point when candidate is onboarding, to managing its time and attendance, travel, leaves, payroll, training, performance, etc. to the point when the employee exits the company.

Trusted by more than 25,000 companies and organization all over the globe, WebHR not only simplify and facilitate HR management by HR employees, the system also serves as an internal social network for employees, where all employees and management can converge and interact with one another. It is like a LinkedIn for employees where they can engage each other in the best possible way.

WebHR is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese, thus making it simple for international companies to integrate and adapt the software to their workflow and fully maximize its implementation. Offering seamless integration with the leading business apps and systems such as Quickbooks, Zapier, Dropbox and Google Apps, HR management is simply easy and effective with WebHR.



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