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What is webMOBI?

WebMOBI is an event management solution designed for organizations and companies of all sizes. Easy to use and powerful, it is a cloud-based web app and mobile app builder that event planners and organizers can use to create branded, customized, and personalized applications for various events. These events include internal company meetings, trade shows, association events, festivals, sporting events, and more.

The event management solution aids users market their events, engage with their customers, event attendees, or employees, and build networks through its innovative features. Furthermore, WebMOBI allows the creation of event, venue, and enterprise apps through simple steps without the need for technical skills. Event attendees can also access an event app by searching it using their web browser or downloading it from any app store.

Additionally, users can send push messages, alerts, and updates to their staff, event attendees, or customers. Last but not the least, WebMOBI enables them to run surveys and live Q&As, receive feedback, as well as, share information and documents using its applications.

Overview of webMOBI benefits

WebMOBI allows users to create and publish web and mobile applications in three easy steps: selecting a ready to use app template, choosing its features, filling it with content and submitting the app. With these simple steps, users will be able to easily create event, venue, enterprise, or school applications that reflect their brand. Once they publish the application, it will be available on Google Play or Apple App Store for event attendees to download.

As mentioned earlier, WebMOBI enables users to build and publish enterprise apps. These applications are used for internal, meetings, team onboarding, corporate communications, sales kickoffs, talent engagement, townhall Q&A, and more.

Through WebMOBI’s enterprise apps, users will be able to collect feedback from their employees and staff in real time and display the results on screen. In addition, these apps allow them to securely access and share documents with the members of their organization. Users can also send push messages and updates to their employees and members.

Interestingly, WebMOBI offers a feature that helps users generate revenue for their company or organization. By offering and reserving in-app advertising spaces for their sponsors, users can leverage their event apps to earn money.


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