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What is WeSchool?

WeSchool is a user-friendly learning platform designed for teams and companies in the early stages of implementing their first-ever learning solution. Our platform focuses on guiding instructors to create outstanding courses without the need for expertise in modern learning design. Then we help you engage learners through captivating learning experiences and measure the efficiency of the learning process with KPIs. To do so, we focus on three pillars:

1. Guide: WeSchool guides instructors through course creation, even without expertise in learning design. Our intuitive solutions and onboarding process simplify the implementation of advanced teaching methodologies, making it effortless for instructors to deliver exceptional learning experiences.

2. Engaging: WeSchool fosters learner engagement by combining innovative educational techniques with state-of-the-art social features. Our platform facilitates active learning, encourages discussions around course content, and creates interactive experiences. By prioritizing learner engagement, we ensure higher retention rates and improved performance outcomes.

3. Measuring: WeSchool goes beyond traditional metrics by introducing data-driven KPIs that connect learning outcomes with business performance. By leveraging data insights, users can continuously enhance their experiences and align them with organizational growth.

Overview of WeSchool benefits

1. User-Friendly: WeSchool has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to use for teams and companies no matter their digital or technical skills.

2. Guided Course Creation: The platform guides instructors to create outstanding courses, even without expertise in modern learning design. This empowers instructors to deliver exceptional learning experiences without the need for extensive instructional design knowledge.

3. Learning Paths: WeSchool facilitates learner engagement through innovative learning techniques and state-of-the-art social features. It encourages active learning, fosters discussions, and creates interactive experiences.

4. Analytics: WeSchool goes beyond traditional metrics by introducing data-driven key performance indicators (KPIs) that connect learning outcomes with business performance. Measure the efficiency of the learning process and make data-informed decisions.

5. Comprehensive all-in-one features: The platform offers a range of features to support engaging learning experiences, including a social environment (The Wall), calendar management, assessments with innovative question types, chat, modules for learner-centred paths, and an analytics and management dashboard for tracking engagement rates and training hours. 

6. Scalability and Flexibility: WeSchool allows customers to scale and grow with the platform as their learning and development needs evolve. Additionally, the availability of the WeSchool mobile app ensures learning materials can be accessed anytime, anywhere, providing flexibility for learners.

7. Higher learner engagement: by engaging learners through social learning experiences, you can achieve higher participation and retention rates. Our collaborative-led educational projects delivered on our learning platform have resulted in up to 81% in completion rates, which is well above the 12% average most online courses manage to deliver.


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