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What is Whale?

Whale is the knowledge sharing and training platform designed to help systemize and scale your business

Train and scale your team without the chaos!
Whale helps you build a central source of truth for all your processes, SOPs, and best practices — so you can onboard, train, and get everyone on the same page with Whale.

Use Whale for:

Centralizing & Standardizing Processes & Knowledge
Employee Onboarding & Training
Organizing company information

  1. Create a central place for all your processes, procedures and playbooks
  2. Give new hires everything they need to thrive and ramp up quickly
  3. Measure the impact of employee training and onboarding

"Whale is a great way to share knowledge across the company."
It is easy to create documents and link them to websites, so you get a reminder when visiting those sites. And to make the information better, you can easily add screenshots or pictures. 

"Very user friendly, incredible onboarding help."
Being able to store and manage all policy and process in one place has been very helpful. Users are able to find things quickly with the search functions and browser extension that Whale offers.


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