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What is WorkHound?

WorkHound is a real-time, anonymous feedback platform used to improve truck driver retention and company-wide communication. Our product collects and delivers insights from your truck drivers and remote office staff - from any device, anywhere in the world. This data is packaged into actionable reports that your company can use to improve both driver retention and employee satisfaction, year-over-year. Schedule a demo today to talk with one of our experts.

Our platform is built specifically for the frontline workforce. We’ve given thousands of employees a voice with our real-time, anonymous feedback platform.With analytics that hone in on your business issues, we’ve helped companies of all sizes retain frontline workers, boost profitability, and save money (and time!).

Our company started in the trucking industry where average driver turnover rates are 95%. We have expanded our platform to support real-time feedback for all frontline workers.


Overview of WorkHound benefits

How It Works
Your frontline workers submit feedback, praise, problems, and ideas with you through their smartphones. We distill that data daily into actionable, ready-to-use insights that help manage and retain frontline workers.
Your frontline workers feel empowered, knowing that their feedback is acknowledged, and you get the bottom-line benefit of a thriving, motivated team.

When your frontline workers have the ability to give feedback, you’ll see results. But don’t take our word for it. Discover what an engaged, motivated team of frontline workers can do for your company.

Your workers have always been essential. Retain them with real-time feedback. Get WorkHound to discover what an engaged, motivated team of frontline workers can do for your company.


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