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What is Workpuls?

Founded in 2016, Workpuls is a workforce productivity and analytics solution that helps organizations drive productivity, benchmark performance and improve efficiency.

Through immediate visibility and valuable insights, major companies like Office Depot, Grammarly and Allstate depend on Workpuls to understand how their teams work and build better working environments.

Since early 2020, Workpuls has grown by more than 500%, as the working world has shifted rapidly to working from home. The software is currently in use by more than 100,000 employees across industries and company sizes, including enterprises, healthcare, architects, business outsourcing providers and insurance companies.

The core features of Workpuls are employee monitoring, time tracking, productivity analytics and automatic time mapping. Workpuls enables employers to give their employees direct access to their activity and productivity data to support their professional growth.

Overview of Workpuls benefits

Some of the Workpuls benefits and features include:

  • Hassle-free, real-time monitoring of employee activities. Track app and website usage, capture screenshots and monitor activity in real-time to boost performance.
  • Automated time tracking for the entire team. Automatically track work time and time spent on projects and tasks via computer and network activity.
  • Accurate workplace productivity tracking for teams. Behavioral insights, productivity definitions and powerful, actionable behavioral data.
  • Time and attendance tracking. Automatic timesheets based on computer activity delivered via custom reports and easily exported for payroll.
  • Feature-rich workforce analytics. Gain a deeper understanding of how your team works, productivity levels and trends with in-depth analytics.
  • Auto-Time Mapping and Budgeting. Accurately predict project and task time via AI-powered analysis of historical data and work patterns.
  • Comprehensive project management features. Projects and tasks are laid out on an easy-to-use Kanban-style board within the Workpuls dashboard for more efficient tracking.
  • Unmatched transparency. Workpuls is unique in that employers can actually provide employees access to their productivity data.
  • Privacy-first mindset. Built from the ground up with enterprise-grade security and compliance, in-the cloud or on-premise.
  • Best-in-class support. An always-available, incredibly knowledgeable, and friendly support team our customers love.



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