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What is Workstatus?


"Workstatus, is a market-leading AI-based workforce management tool that enables small and large businesses to maximise employee productivity. Workstatus, which has received many five-star evaluations from customers throughout the world, gives businesses peace of mind by providing data-backed insights into their staff.

Your team may keep track of how much time you spend on various tasks and projects using Workstatus. You may follow on-field employees as they clock in and out from a geofenced location using its geofencing time tracking software. With just one click, you can keep track of billable hours, employee online timesheets, schedules, reports, projects, and much more.

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Overview of Workstatus benefits

Productive Workforce

Up to 30% more productivity is reported after using Workstatus tool

  • Easy time management driven by time usage reports
  • Improve system usage habits, tracking visited urls
  • Dedicate time where it is needed
  • Identify and clear bottlenecks

Improved ROI

Up to 40% greater projects’ ROI is reported after using Workstatus analytics reports

  • Timely execute projects between teams
  • Get insights on time, projects, and resources
  • Take data-driven informed decisions
  • Track & bill employee hours accurately

More Organised 

Up to 25% enhanced efficiency is reported by automated tracking via Workstatus

  • Keep track of your tasks and projects
  • Monitor team’s progress in real-time
  • Save time on audits by an automated system
  • Manage schedules and shifts

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