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What is Workstatus?


Workstatus is complete workforce management software with time tracking software, employee monitoring software, and task management all in one easy-to-use package. With Workstatus, you can track time spent on tasks, project completion rates, and employee productivity levels overall, so you’ll always know how your team is doing at any moment.

Tracking time or searching payroll data are now easier than ever with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to maximize your workday. An all-in-one workforce management tool designed by accountants and developed by engineers to be used by CEOs. 

In addition to providing a means of scheduling your workforce, Workstatus is an excellent project budgeting software. You can track costs as you’re incurring them, making it easy to set and stick to your budgets.

If you like employee management software that has GPS time tracker features, Workstatus’s scheduling software is right for you. You can monitor who’s working where at what time and see exactly where they are on a map in real-time.

Overview of Workstatus benefits

Workstatus helps small businesses stay organized and run more efficiently by providing project budgeting software and employee management software. One of its main selling points is GPS time tracker, which keeps accurate track of employees’ time and whereabouts on job sites or other work-related destinations. This kind of data can be invaluable for managers who need to ensure that their team members are working hard enough and not taking advantage of any opportunities to cut corners. It also allows for a greater degree of accountability among employees in terms of how they spend their time at work—and it can help to boost morale by fostering a sense that everyone is being treated fairly. It provides many benefits:

1. Employee Monitoring

2. GPS Tracking

3. Online Timesheets

4. Geofencing

5. Employee Scheduling

6. Productivity Monitoring

7. Project Budgeting

8. Selfie Validation

9. Attendance Management

10. Online Reporting


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