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What is Workvivo?

Activity Feed
A familiar, personalized activity feed where you can read and post content with images, videos, and attachments. You can also Like, Comment, and Share content with others.

Goals and Values​
Bring company goals and values to life with quick and easy links to posts, then view all content posted to each goal.

Employee Recognition
Give an employee, space, or team well-deserved public recognition using shout-outs, awards, and badges.

Collaboration Spaces​
Collaborate with colleagues across locations and departments using Spaces. Share content such as Updates, Shout-Outs, or Q&A’s within Space or post content across multiple Spaces.

Out of the box integration with other employee communication apps and content management systems including Sharepoint, Slack, Zoom, Teams. Centralized access to apps and content directly from the activity feed

Analyze behaviors such as active users, logins, posts, likes, shout-outs, and comments to see trends over time, by location, department, or time of day. Create pulse surveys to get frequent and relevant employee feedback.

Overview of Workvivo benefits

The Employee App that reaches the places email can't
Put engaging communications in the hands of every employee, regardless of role or location, through a fully branded employee app that allows your culture to shine through.

The Enterprise Social Network designed for employee engagement
Give all your employees the ability to share, digest and contribute information through an intuitive user experience that has been designed around creating belonging, alignment and community in your organization.

The Social Intranet that brings your company culture to life
Old style intranets are dead. It’s time to move from a content-centric to a people-centric experience that ensures a truly engaged workforce and also incorporates easy access to your company content and apps.

The central point for employee communication
Workvivo is the place where all the tools your employees love to use everyday come together in a unified digital platform.


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