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What is Xenqu?

Xenqu is an innovative workforce management solution that takes the guesswork out of compliance. This advanced solution-based technology is designed to maximize the organizational impact of your Human Resources team. Onboarding has never been easer using electronic forms, e-signatures, e-verify and more. Process automation streamlines the delivery of HR Services to your organization using IM, text and email communication tools. Xenqu “Intelligent Bots” run continuous data validation audits on personnel files ensuring that your organization remains compliant at all times.

Xenqu includes an extensive library of electronic forms including federal, state, & local requirements from all 50 states. Reporting, tracking features and integration options help users manage various workforce compliance tasks including audits. Xenqu contains the building blocks to help organizations meet the demands of workforce compliance, and enables the flexibility to adapt to constant policy change. Users are able to consolidate disparate systems and processes onto a single, unified platform, and provide one consistent point of access to improve the user experience. Xenqu guides users through the entire process, helping them complete queued tasks, documents, and forms, and all communication between colleagues is linked to every item and recorded in the system, or through text messaging, or email.

Overview of Xenqu benefits

Take a few minutes to learn how Essium’s onboarding software will:
Provide candidates with an easy to use, mobile onboarding portal
Collect electronic signatures on any form or document
Quickly upload any supporting documentation
Enable instant communication via text or email
Streamline operations through automation
Integrate seamlessly with ATS, payroll, and background check providers
Ensure complete compliance with Remote I-9 and E-Verify regulations

Xenqu's automation features help reduce risks by monitoring records and identifying compliance defects. Automated alerts help to ensure users are notified of upcoming requirements and prompt timely action. The administrative dashboard enables quick navigation between records, and instantly notifies users of any changes in status. Organizations are also able to track progress and detect which individuals are not completing tasks on time.


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