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What is Yeira?

We change the way of doing e-learning. After 10+ years of working in the e-learning industry and experiencing first hand the key problems in online training & education, we created Yeira with the goal to democratize the access to the latest generation of technology specialized in e-learning, to help raise the quality of online training at every level and sector of society.

Today, more than 23 countries use Yeira to help their clients, users and co-workers to advance their digital transformation. We proudly count with the most successful e-learning community, dedicated to a positive impact in the life of people by means of education.

In Yeira we have designed a complete ecosystem to help SME's to create highly effective online courses: A ready to use online platform (Yeira LMS), an authoring tool to create mixed contents with Learning Analytics (Yeira Author), an online learning community specialized in e-learning (YeiraX) and a methodology to design e-learning experiences (EXD Model).

At Yeira, we are proud to be part of: AWS EdStart Member, SuperCharger Ventures & Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

Overview of Yeira benefits

How Yeira helps you transform your online courses:

  • LMS + Authoring Tool + Learning Analytics + Digital Badges in one single platform.
  • Reach your goals 5x faster with Yeira. Easy to start and set up.
  • Customize it with your brand, create private or e-commerce courses and enroll users without the hassle.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your courses with Yeira's exclusive Mixed Content Tool.
  • Create professional & engagening live training sessions with Zoom.
  • Get detailed reports by course, user and content in real time for instructors & admins.
  • Offer eco-friendly digital badges with your brand.
  • Save up to 85% with Yeira.
  • No technical skills are requiered.
  • Create your own Yeira platform in less than 2 minutes!

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