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What is Yellow Messenger?

Yellow Messenger is a cloud-based conversational software designed to help businesses in advertising, education, banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, and other industries create, launch, and manage custom chatbots. The platform includes artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which lets organizations build virtual assistants to automate operational workflows, respond to customer queries, and engage with the target audience.

The WhatsApp chatbot in Yellow Messenger enables enterprises to communicate with clients and notify customers about bookings, payments, offers, and other announcements through personalized messages. Features include audience segmentation, learning and training management, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, polls, role-based permissions, and succession planning. Store owners can handle sales, marketing, customer interaction, support services, and other eCommerce operations using the Canary module.

Yellow Messenger’s Bumblebee module enables organizations to streamline various human resources (HR) processes such as scheduling interviews, onboarding employees, running polls, and more. It supports integration with various third-party applications including SAP SuccessFactors, Google Drive, Skype, Jira, Slack, and more.

Overview of Yellow Messenger benefits

Yellow Messenger is the worlds leading chatbot platform helping enterprises (100K+ customers) deliver real-time support on web, mobile, and messaging services such as WhatsApp, FB. Enterprises can now self-serve 80% of queries and improve CSAT by 20%, by deploying an omnichannel chatbot in 100+ languages. For critical queries, seamlessly transfer to a human agent. Integrate a chatbot atop your CRM or solve customer queries in real-time. Switch to the future of live-chat-software.

WhatsApp for Business
Leverage the world’s largest messaging application to hold meaningful conversations with your customers and employees. From sending business-critical notifications to instantly engaging with leads and prospects, WhatsApp automation can mean serious busi


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