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What is Zavvy?

Zavvy is an employee enablement platform to help organizations create meaningful onboarding, connect team members regularly, and foster employee development plans. With a one-time setup, all events run automatically - no more manual settings.

Onboarding: deliver unique onboarding experiences at a click
Create a welcoming experience that boosts your employer brand and helps new team members become productive faster wherever they work from. All while drastically reducing your manual workload.

Connection: build meaningful relationships
Automatically connect your colleagues for casual meetups, deep conversations, or walking meetings. For greater team spirit, productivity, and mental health.

Development: create a cycle of continuous development
Ditch the spreadsheets and give your people the development process they deserve. With personalized plans, automated engagement, and tracking.

Training: Run engaging training programs on autopilot
Create and run your own courses without having to worry about manual assignments, constant reminders, outdated formats, or progress-tracking.

Overview of Zavvy benefits


  • Build your first onboarding in minutes - Choose a template or start from scratch. Easily combine elements like images, videos, and gifs via drag-and-drop. Embed content from your favorite tools like Typeform for surveys and quizzes, Loom for videos, and the Google or Microsoft Suite for all your documents.


  • Automatically connect your people - Make random introductions via Slack or Microsoft Teams to enable conversations between your colleagues. Include reminders, check-ins, and suggest talking points.


  • Build plans that combine goals and actual measures - Combine focus areas with hands-on activities. Add deadlines, and align both people manager and employee to bridge the gap between theoretical plans and actual measures.


  • Build and launch innovative course formats - Choose a course from our library or create your own. Combine modern formats like microlearning and group activities to launch courses that go beyond outdated and boring web-based training.

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