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What is Zenefits?

Zenefits is an online HR platform designed to help SMBs when its come to payroll, benefits administration, and other employee and workforce related processes. Among its capabilities include managing directory for employees, employee benefits and insurance, recruitment and onboarding, compliance with ACA, mobile support, and many others. it also offers a business intelligence feature.

Zenefits unifies all its features and tools in one dashboard to give you extensive control, easy compliance with regulations, and better information access for employees. Best of all, the platform provides exceptional value through its feature-rich and low-cost packages, making it ideal for the startups and small businesses looking for a robust platform that is affordable and easy to use.

Overview of Zenefits benefits

Zenefits effortlessly manages all aspects of employee insurance online. As a business owner or HR professional you have the option to keep your existing plans or choose from an extensive selection of new benefits options available in the system. In addition, you are assured that your business will be able to comply easily with the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, be able to report on employee benefit eligibility and coverage status, as well as be able to quickly e-file taxes with the IRS.

Zenefits also streamlines hiring, onboarding, and employee records management. Any changes to be made are applied across the platform, ensuring your HR data is always up-to-date. In addition, its payroll feature connects with everything else you manage in Zenefits, automatically updating itself whenever changes are made.

With Zenefits, you are able to do time entry and approval processes, reduce errors, and ensure that your hourly employees are paid accurately and on time. Thanks to a simple database, you are also able to easily track and manage employee paid time off. There is also the opportunity to streamline requests and approvals, and gain expansive visibility into PTO usage across your entire company for greater efficiency and management.


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