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What is Zoho Meeting?

Zoho Meeting is a popular communications software application that lets you conduct online meetings more efficiently and cut travel costs. It is designed for companies with multiple teams in different places so they can collaborate in real time and closely together. Its integrated audio conferencing allows you to share your desktop and conduct in-person meeting with customers. Demonstrate your software product across the world without leaving your office. You can also transfer control to customers during product presentations.

Other key features include: logging in into Zoho Meeting straight from your desktop; embedding Zoho Meeting in your website to reach a wider audience; and rebranding it with your own color scheme and logo.

Zoho Meeting also has a webinar solution for hosting webinars where users can engage and educate leads. Since it is fully web-based, downloading the software isn’t required. In fact, attendees can easily join in a single click.

Zoho Meeting works with with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS, even in simultaneous access. Likewise, you can use it via IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and other popular browsers.

Overview of Zoho Meeting benefits

Zoho Meeting is a robust web conferencing solution built for your online meeting and webinar needs it provides: Conduct produce demos or sales pitches anywhere, anytime through Easy Online Meetings.
Use any OS or browser even simultaneously during a meeting; Zoho Meeting supports Windows, Mac, or Linux OS; and with IE, Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and other popular browsers.
Quickly access meetings through your desktop without needing to launch a browser.
Embed Zoho Meeting in your website and use it as an online meeting portal to reach to a wider audience.
No need to download or install when joining sessions.
Customize Zoho Meeting according to your brand’s color scheme or logo.


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