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What is Zoho People - LMS?

Zoho People is an intuitive, cloud-based learning management system that's designed to deliver training and foster a learning culture in small and medium businesses. You don't have to be tech-savvy to learn Zoho People. It's easy to set-up, use and learn as it is designed with a simple user interface to enable hassle-free learning experiences.

A combination of a simple UI and comprehensive features make Zoho People an ideal LMS for businesses of any industry. Whether you're from IT, advertising, healthcare, manufacturing or finance, you can tailor the system to work your way. 

With Zoho People's LMS you can have relevant ttraining materials created for onboarding new hires, compliance training, and skills training for any team in your company--be it sales, support, IT, HR or marketing--we've got you covered. Zoho People can be accessed from anywhere, even if you're working remotely. 

Join with us to create progressive, learning work cultures. Zoho People comes with feature-paked solutions and not a hefty price tag. 

Overview of Zoho People - LMS benefits

Zoho People doesn't have a steep learning curve. With little to no training, you can get the system up and running in no time. Our user interface is designed to deliver learning in a way that does not frustrate organizations. 


Simple course creation

As an admin, you'll be able to create targeted courses for your employees based on their job roles, team or even location. This helps in narrowing down your training and provide micro learning opportunities with engaging content like videos, ebooks and other links to learning materials. 

Dual learning mode

You can also have self-paced and blended learning styles for your courses, enabling employees to learn at their own pace while also providing guidance for required training. Our blended learning system, connects learners and trainers in just a few seconds over virtual sessions. This gives an in-the-classroom effect while being dispered in multiple locations. 

Discussions and Analytics

Zoho People provides a space for learners to debate and discuss about concepts in depth and also allows to collect feedback about courses and trainers, enabling better learning. You also get in-depth analytics of your organization's learning patterns. 

These are just a few features that makes Zoho People an ideal fit for your organization. Our customer success team is always available to ensure your questions and problems are resolved. 

You can take a 15-day free trial to check the product for yourself. 


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