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Work Schedule Maker & Time Clock App

Who Uses This Software?

Scheduling software designed for hourly employees. ZoomShift is loved by small retail shops, retail franchises, the hospitality industry, restaurants and departments of larger organizations.

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What is ZoomShift?

ZoomShift is a scheduling software designed for hourly employees. ZoomShift is designed to help your business make work schedules faster, save money on payroll, and let your employees clock-in and view their hours with ease. The software helps your business keep all of its employee schedule information in one place, and can help improve the accountability of your staff.

The application also helps to monitor the time and performance of the employee. ZoomShift is an affordable yet powerful shift scheduling solution for small businesses.

ZoomShift Employee Scheduling Features: Automated Scheduling, Mobile Access, Payroll Management, Shift Swapping, Messaging, Online Time Clock, Reporting/Analytics, Schedule Distribution.

Overview of ZoomShift benefits

Track time easily:
Use their free web and mobile time clocks to track hours. No clunky extra hardware. Track GPS and whitelist IP addresses.

Save on labor costs:
Avoid costly timesheet errors before they happen. Block early clock-ins, block overtime, and fix missed punches easily.

Run payroll faster:
Customize your payroll report to export all the information you need and none that you don't.

Improve staff accountability:
Share schedules via text, push, and email. Automatically remind team members before their shift starts.

Make work schedules faster:
Get everything you need in one place – availability, time offs, shift swaps. Use templates to build schedules, fast.

Everything in one place:
Invite your team to view their schedules, set their availability preferences, request time off, and pick up open shifts.


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